Wondering how much an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) costs? There’s no fixed rate, so you can expect to pay upwards of £35. This is why gathering a number of EPC quotes is tantamount to paying the right sum of money.

It’s much easier to rent or sell a property if it’s energy efficient, and if this is reflected in the EPC rating. An accredited EPC assessor will come to your property, and assess the overall efficiency (how much energy the house uses). After which, the assessor will issue the EPC document, before entering it into the EPC register – ready for potential buyers or renters to assess online.

How the EPC cost varies

There are a number of things that will affect how much the EPC costs. These include where in the UK the property is situated (specifically if it’s in a wealthy area or not), and how far the Domestic Energy Assessor (or EPC assessor) has to travel to get there. Similarly, you can expect to pay more for an EPC of a larger property. For instance, an EPC for a large townhouse in central London will cost more than an EPC for a bungalow in the countryside.

That being said, your EPC quote shouldn’t be for more than £200 for any one property.

Always check for credentials

From personal experience, we can say that there’s nothing worse than paying for invalid documentation. Always check the EPC assessor’s credentials on the EPC register. You can search for your EPC assessor on the EPC register.

Additionally, avoid arranging an EPC assessment through an estate agent or property management company; these may come with added fees.

The EPC register

The EPC register is an online index for homeowners to gauge what the average monthly energy bills at a certain property would be. Since a house’s EPC rating will weigh into their house-buying decision, it’s worth improving your EPC wherever possible. You can find your current rating by searching EPC certificates by postcode.

You must provide a valid EPC in order to sell or rent your home (an EPC is valid for 10 years). The only exception to this is listed buildings; as they’re unable to implement certain improvements, they don’t have to meet this rule.

What is covered in the EPC cost?

The EPC cost covers both the assessor’s fee and the certification. The certificate will identify which band of energy efficiency your property falls into (see what is an EPC rating?). Classifications range from band A (the most efficient) to G (least efficient). The more efficient the house, the cheaper the energy bills.

In this way, a prospective tenant or buyer can assess roughly how much it will cost to keep themselves warm. Let’s face it, this is always one of the most important aspects of any property. If you receive a low EPC rating, you should consider the various technologies that could be installed to improve your property’s rating, and in doing so, reduce your heating costs. Start by reading our article on how to improve your EPC rating.


The EPC assessor is a certified energy professional that can evaluate your property and issue an EPC certification for a cost which is inclusive of their time and the certification itself. EPC costs vary across the country and with the size of the property. A good EPC rating can help to sell or rent a property.

It is worth knowing what an EPC assessor will look at and ensuring that you have done everything that you can to make your home as energy efficient as possible. When you are ready, it’s best to get a couple of quotes before choosing an EPC assessor and ultimately getting your EPC certificate so you know which band you fit in.

What we do

Here at Evergreen Energy, we design and supply bespoke renewable energy systems for homes around the UK. These systems bring various renewable energy technologies together in a single integrated heating and electricity solution.

Not only can our renewable energy systems bring eco-friendly energy to your home efficiently and affordably, they also greatly improve your EPC rating and raise the property value. For more information about how we can help you reach the highest EPC rating possible for your property with a renewable energy system install, head over to our what we do page.



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