It’s a common myth that heat pumps only work with underfloor heating. The truth is that they work well on any emitter system, although you may have to increase the size of your radiators to keep your home feeling warm and cosy. 

Heat pumps are considerably more efficient than other conventional central heating systems. This is because they operate at much lower temperatures, but radiators must be sized correctly so that they can distribute the same amount of heat as with a regular boiler. 

Compared to conventional boilers and emitter systems that operate at around 70-80°C, heat pumps have a flow temperature (the temperature water flows around your emitter system) of around 35-50°C. This has led to a somewhat misleading term of heat pump radiators being called ‘oversized’, when in actual fact they’re accurately sized as part of the survey process. 

These following factors all determine the size of radiators needed: 

  • Size and shape of the room 
  • Heat loss 
  • Ambient temperature (for instance your bedroom may not need as much heat as your living room) 

In terms of cost, replacing your radiators for a heat pump system varies. Typical radiators can cost anywhere between £100 and £300 depending on type and style but in many cases radiators are already oversized for the room. It might also be more economical to improve your home’s insulation instead of replacing radiators.  

What we do 

We aim for as low a flow temperature as your property will permit. We then accurately size and specify the most suitable radiator model to achieve this flow temperature based on the heat loss of the room and the radiator manufacturer’s heat output rating. This is all part of our Home Assessment and the findings will be detailed in the comprehensive report you’ll receive. 

Want to find out how much your Heat Pump will cost? 

Why not take our quick Home Survey and we’ll be able to let you know if your home is suitable for a heat pump, confirm your eligibility for the available government funding and also let you have a quote. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. Click here to get started. 

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