What are renewable energy systems?

A renewable energy system uses naturally-occurring energy from its surroundings to power your home.

We design and build these energy systems, combining the best that eco-innovation has to offer in a single integrated solution - one that provides solar electricity, green heating and hot water affordably and reliably.

The technologies we use include air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, battery storage, solar thermal, high performance radiators, and underfloor heating.

Based on your specifications, we can incorporate any number of these into your design to create a bespoke integrated heating and electricity solution that saves you money, cuts carbon emissions and brings all-round better comfort for your home.

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What makes our system different?

Capture energy from the sun

Your solar panels will generate energy from the sun, most homes use a small proportion of this generated energy to power appliances with the excess energy being exported onto the national grid.

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Optimise energy with a heat pump

An Evergreen system is different. Instead of exporting excess energy back to the grid we divert it via the latest in heat pump technology generating more energy for your home. 1kw of electricity created by your solar panels equates to 4kw of thermal energy thanks to your heat pump.

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Heat your home efficiently

This energy is then stored as thermal heat ready for heating and hot water within your home at times when you want it. Heating & hot water are the two main energy consumers in your home. Our system ensures you get the most energy at the lowest cost.

How we do it

Our process

Want to get the ball rolling?

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“Sourcing energy that's both clean and affordable is the biggest challenge we face today. Our solution is an integrated decarbonised energy system.”
Simon, Head of Research and Development
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Technologies we use

About Us

Evergreen Energy design and deliver bespoke renewable energy systems. Historically our background lies in the design, build and commissioning of on-shore wind projects. We are also proud to be one of the leading renewable energy consultancy businesses in the UK, used by approximately 40% of all MCS-certified installers.

With over 15 years of experience in the Energy sector we've harnessed our knowledge to develop an integrated energy solution specifically tailored to the homeowner, ensuring that they too can benefit from the latest in renewable energy technology.

To drive the uptake of renewable energy systems we also provide expert training and support to installers, which means our customers can continue to work with local tradespeople and be confident that their system will be installed correctly. Of course we can always recommend an installer if that's preferred.

We're committed to supporting our customers to reduce their energy bills, eliminate their home's carbon footprint and embrace a more sustainable way of life by providing the best in design, specification and commissioning services.

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