Do you want to save 30% on home heating?
Get funded to go green
Get Funded to Go Green
As an Ofgem ‘Approved Investor’, Evergreen Energy can support you with the cost of a heat pump installation through the government’s Assignment of Rights scheme.

Swapping your LPG or oil boiler for a heat pump could save you 30% on your bills and cut your carbon emissions too. To see how much you could save, try our funding calculator for free!

Renewable home heating solutions

We design and build home heating systems using the latest heat pump technology.

Our heat pump systems use naturally-occurring energy from the surroundings to heat your home affordably and reliably. On average when swapping from LPG or Oil a homeowner will save 30% on their annual heating bill and cut carbon emissions by a whopping 85%!

By swapping to a heat pump system you can dramatically reduce both your energy bills and CO2 emissions. What’s more, you can also take advantage of government funding to fund your renewable system making the switch even easier!

For customers looking for a fully integrated home energy system we also offer a bespoke design and commissioning service. Alongside a heat pump these systems can include battery storage, solar thermal, high performance radiators, and underfloor heating depending on your specifications.

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“Sourcing energy that's both clean and affordable is the biggest challenge we face today. Our solution is an integrated decarbonised energy system.”
Simon, Head of Research and Development
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Technologies we use

About Us

Evergreen Energy design and deliver bespoke home heating and renewable energy systems. Historically our background lies in the design, build and commissioning of on-shore wind projects. We are also proud to be one of the leading renewable energy consultancy businesses in the UK, used by approximately 1/3 of all MCS-certified installers.

With over 15 years of experience in the Energy sector we've harnessed our knowledge to develop green heating solutions specifically tailored to the homeowner, ensuring that they too can benefit from the latest in renewable energy technology.

To drive the uptake of renewable energy systems we also provide expert training and support to installers, which means our customers can continue to work with local tradespeople and be confident that their system will be installed correctly. Of course we can always recommend an installer if that's preferred.

We're committed to supporting our customers to reduce their energy bills, eliminate their home's carbon footprint and embrace a more sustainable way of life by providing the best in design, specification and commissioning services.

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