Your guide to an eco-friendly house or business

The word is out on global warming, and with it traditional means of producing energy are falling by the wayside. Fortunately, green heating alternatives and other renewable technologies are now in a position to take their place without compromise to our lifestyles.

Never before has it been easier and more affordable to create your own eco-friendly house or adopt renewable energy solutions for your business. Solar panels are appearing on rooftops, ground source and air source heat pumps are becoming commonplace, and electric vehicle charging points can be found throughout the UK. This may be unknown territory for most homeowners – but that’s where Evergreen Energy comes in.

By providing clear, non-biased information and advice about green heating, renewable technology, and energy-saving measures, we provide the tools needed to make informed decisions. We can help make sure that these decisions are not only good for the planet, but are also good for your pocket.

This service is completely free – there’s no small print or obligations that come with using the site. And if you do feel like taking a step towards sustainability, we’re happy to connect you with a qualified and approved installer local to you. For larger installations such as solar panels, ground source or air source heat pumps, we also provide consultancy support and advice to roughly a third of all MCS-certified installers in the UK.

Independent and informative information is our way of life, and it is our hope that by presenting readers with the facts, they will implement these green heating and energy-saving changes in their lives. It is our goal to make every house an eco-friendly house and likewise every office, warehouse, shop, and factory.

So sit back. Have a look around, and if you’d like to get in touch, please feel free to do so.

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Evergreen Energy

“What can I do to prevent global warming?”

Finding an answer to this question is the reason we get up each morning, the reason we work late, and the reason we have restless nights. The effects of global warming are serious, and they’re not going away on their own.

The solution is to ask ourselves “Does my lifestyle cause harm to the environment, and if it does, what can I do about it? How can I reduce my carbon impact at home, at work, and when travelling?” There’s no one definitive answer to this problem, which is why we’ve solicited help.

Environmentalists, sustainability professionals, civil and mechanical engineers, compliance specialists, microgeneration technology installers – a team of like-minded individuals all with the same goal; to make a real difference to the way we live.

We want to present alternatives to conventional means that will have a positive impact on our energy consumption. Everything from choosing a green heating system to adding more insulation to your house and changing your light bulbs makes a difference. Whilst a carbon neutral (or better yet, carbon negative) lifestyle and a completely eco-friendly house is the aim, even the smallest steps can have a profound knock-on effect in the right circumstances.

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