LEDs are the new favourite topic for interior designers. Thanks to their longevity, low running costs and ever-expanding range of colour and design, they’ve escaped from the hipster hideouts and vintage cafés, and are now starting to light up our living rooms and kitchens. Here we look at some of the frontrunner designs of decorative LED lighting.

Edison LEDs

It’s fitting that one of the most popular LEDs is also one of the oldest styles. These classic statement bulbs hark back to the early days of electric lighting, bringing with them a timeless rustic appeal.

Oversized Edison bulbs work beautifully well together over dining tables on simple, low-hanging pendants (which might be why every aspiring chic restaurant is using them right now).

Try experimenting with different filaments like the hairpin or spiral, a combination of globe, tube and GLS (general lamp shape) bulbs, and ornament using brass bulkheads and vintage cages for a more industrial vibe. Typical Edison LEDs cost upwards of £5 each.

LED fairy lights

If you’re as crazy about fairy lights as we are, then you’ll know they’re wasted only being used in the winter. Fairy lights can be great fun playing around with, be it draping over the mantelpiece, adorning mirrors or brightening up the garden.

For warmer, homelier colours, stick between 2000-3000 Kelvin (K). Festoon lights are also great outdoors for taking verandas and patios back to the 1950s. Prices for LED fairy and festoon lights start at £10 – £15 for 10 meters.


Recessed spotlights

Inexpensive, non-intrusive, minimalistic – it’s no wonder they’re everywhere. If you’re switching to LED spotlights for the first time, we strongly advise going for the GU10 bulbs (bulbs with 2 lugs instead of pins).


Retrofitting LEDs isn’t particularly tricky – swapping out the old light fitting takes a matter of minutes – and the GU10 is much better for those with dimmer options in mind. You can find more information on GU10s here.


Why we love LED

Use up to 90% less energy

LED bulbs use up to 90% less energy than conventional bulbs. This means significant savings on your energy bills.

Long life expectancy

An LED bulb can last up to 50 times longer than a halogen equivalent – that's up to 10 years of light.

Choose your bulb

Available in all shapes, sizes, cap ends, colours, brightness, and beam angles, there's a bulb for all occasions.

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