A light is a light, right? Well, not quite. When it comes to the makeup of a room or office, the last thing you’d expect to have a choice about is lighting. But that’s exactly what you get.

Lighting is an integral part of any room, large or small, so getting the right type is important. From fluorescent to incandescent, solar to LED, the choice is yours when it comes to illuminating the room. And don’t forget there’s the shape to consider, as well as the voltage, and of course, the price.

Which type of light is best?

All lights have their pros and cons, our preferred lighting is LED , and not least because it’s the most energy efficient on the market. That said, LED lights may not suit everyone, but if they suit you, the three next steps are about choosing the right one.

Step 1. What are you lighting?

Are you looking for an LED bulb that will light the whole room, just part of it, a work space, a gloomy hallway, or an entranceway? You might not realise it, but the way you light a space contributes to the first impression people get of it.

Step 2. How much energy do you want to save?

Is energy efficiency important to you? Its hold be because, energy efficiency has a direct impact on sustainability, and we all know the world needs more of that. LED bulbs use just one-third of the electricity (By saving electricity, you are asking the network to produce less, using non natural resources to produce electricity = better planet life, better air, you’ll potentially see a longer life).

Step 3. What is your budget?

The age old saying, “you get what you pay for” is certainly true when it comes to LED bulbs. Yes, they do cost more than other light bulbs on the market, which means a greater upfront cost; however, this is when it’s important to do the math. LED bulbs have a much longer lifespan than other bulbs, 10 times longer in fact and longer in some instances. That means although the initial cost may be a little more, your return on investment is greater.

Types of LED bulbs

Once you’ve decided that LED bulbs are where it’s at (we knew you’d come around), and you have a fair idea of where you want to fit them and how much you want to spend, the next decision is choosing which type of LED bulb to go for. Yes, you’re spoilt for choice. Answering the next three questions will help you filter things down.

a) Does the fitting you have require a screw or bayonet. There are LED’s available for both.
b) Do you need a reflector bulbs? If you are looking for a bulb for a floodlight or a downlights in a room, These can be a real feature of a room.
c) If you don’t need a reflector are you looking for a security lights spotlight?

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