Why wait till winter? Summer is the best time to switch to a heat pump!

The summer months are normally associated with warmer weather, drinks in the garden and social gatherings around the barbeque.  It’s often warm enough that many peoples heating might not come on at all for a few months.  So, it’s perhaps unsurprising that people don’t have thoughts of switching out their existing heating system at the front of mind.

We believe that it’s exactly when you should be thinking of making a switch to a heat pump.  How so?  It all comes back to that warmer weather.  We’re experts at removing conventional boilers and replacing them with heat pumps.  It’s what we do.  But even the smoothest installation can involve some period of time when the heating needs to be off.  We keep it to a minimum and it’s really not bothersome at all if you weren’t going to be having the heating on anyway, like in the warmer summer months.  Whilst, naturally, you might notice it a lot more on a freezing cold winters day.

Things are also quieter during the summer months in the heating industry.  That means there’s a better chance of being able to book your installation for exactly when you want it.  Certainly when compared with the peak winter period when every job is urgent, the weather is less predictable and resources and hardware supply lines can get stretched.

So, if you’re thinking of switching to a heat pump why wait till winter?  The summer is the perfect time to get the work done so you are all set for a cosy home during the colder, darker months ahead.

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