One of the best things about heat pumps is that they provide an environmentally friendly solution to heating your home. 

Below are the main reasons why we think they’re a great way to cut your carbon emissions. 

  • Reduced electricity consumption: Heat pumps operate at very high efficiencies of around 400%, which means that for every unit of electricity used, 4 units of thermal energy are created. Conventional electric heaters are at best 100% efficient, so you’ll need 75% less electricity to heat your home.
  • Emission-free process: The beauty of the heat pump is that there are no harmful emissions given off locally in the process.
  • Refrigerant Fluid: A few years ago, there were some concerns raised over the environmental impact of the refrigerant fluid used in the heat pump called R404a. If this refrigerant fluid were to leak, the hydrofluorocarbons released would contribute to global warming roughly 100 times more than carbon dioxide. Fortunately, there are now several alternatives available that have much lower or even no Global Warming Potential (GWP). 

Want to find out how much your Heat Pump will cost? 

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