Because heat pumps come in all shapes and sizes, the sound and volume of noise they make varies between models and manufacturers. Fortunately most modern air source heat pumps can work very quietly. 


What does an air source Heat Pump sound like? 

Modern air source heat pumps shouldn’t make more than a low whirring sound providing they’re working properly. 

The volume of noise also depends on how much work the heat pump is doing – the greater the work load, the louder the heat pump will be. This is down to the speed of the fan that draws warm air into the compressor.  

Noise regulations during installation 

Noise pollution is calculated during the design stage of the heat pump installation to avoid disturbing your neighbours. The outdoor unit should be sited as far away from the neighbouring property as possible, and it’s also a good idea not to site the box directly beneath any windows. 

How much noise does a Heat Pump actually make? 

As a general guide, if you were stood directly next to an operating heat pump you’d expect a noise level comparable to a microwave oven operating coupled with the sound that a desk-top fan might make. That might be bothersome if it was in the bedroom, but it isn’t, it’s away outdoors. 

Our Home Assessment Report will detail everything for you 

As part of our design process, we provide customers with a comprehensive Home Assessment Report. This will always include where we plan to position the heat pump and what we estimate the noise levels to be, broken down by distances from the home. 

Want to find out how much your Heat Pump will cost? 

Why not take our quick Home Survey and we’ll be able to let you know if your home is suitable for a heat pump, confirm your eligibility for the available government funding and also let you have a quote. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. Click here to get started.

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