Heat Pump prices 

Heat pump prices vary considerably but for an air source heat pump you are probably looking at something in the range of £12-£15,000 inclusive of system design and installation. That is before the £7,500 in government funding under the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) is taken into account. So, the actual amount typically paid is between £7-£10,000.  

Factors that can impact the overall cost 
Size of the property 

A larger property may require a larger system being installed. Some properties require more than one pump and this can push the price up. 

Existing pipework and radiator upgrades 

If the pipework or the existing radiators need upgrading then this can add to the cost. The estimate above allows for some radiator upgrades but every home is different. The important thing is to get a system that is sized appropriately for your home. That is the key to enjoying the cosy comfort heat pumps can deliver. 

Existing insulation or lack of it 

Heat pumps work most effectively in well-insulated homes. It might be a requirement of the BUS funding that wall or roof insulation is improved prior to the installation. This doesn’t have to be expensive and will go a long way to keeping your heating bills down. 

Where you home is situated 

A home that gets lots of direct sun and is in a warmer part of the country will likely need a smaller system than a property with little exposure to the Sun and colder external conditions. That’s why every system has to be tailored exactly to the home it’s going to be installed in. 

In summary, every home is different and that’s why the most important thing is to get a Heat pump system that is sized exactly right for yours. We undertake a full, free of charge, Home Assessment visit and produce a detailed report that will tell you exactly what you’ll require and what that will cost. 

Want to find out how much your Heat Pump will cost? 

Why not take our quick Home Survey and we’ll be able to let you know if your home is suitable for a heat pump, confirm your eligibility for the available government funding and also let you have a quote. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. Click here to get started. 

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