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For maximum efficiency, carbon and cost savings, it’s key that your heat pump system is custom designed for your home.

Our Heat Pump Assessment & Report does that by providing a full building heat loss assessment, in accordance to EN12831 and MCS standards. You’ll get a full cost breakdown of your required heat pump system, government funding eligibility, and recommended heating system upgrades.

Firstly, we just need to ask some questions about your home. This will help us understand if a heat pump is suited for your home and enable us to provide you with estimated installation costs. Simply enter your postcode and click the “Start Home Survey” button to get going.

Once that’s done, one of our technical team will call you to answer any questions and arrange your Heat Pump Assessment visit.

Renewable home heating solutions

Every home and household is different. From the number of rooms and bathrooms, to the way members of a household use heat and water. So when you’re installing a heat pump, you need one that fits with your unique home. Our heat pumps are planned and installed perfectly, meaning they’re more cost effective and good for the environment. And most importantly, they’re always right for your home.

To ensure we install a system that is right for you, we conduct an in-depth assessment of your home and household’s energy needs. This is our Heat Pump Assessment Report. The assessment will give you a detailed understanding of your energy usage and ensure your newly installed system is guaranteed to meet your heating needs in the future.

With such an important change to your home, there’s no room for compromise. As an MCS approved installer, you’ll have ultimate peace of mind. Not only does our report include a comprehensive full-building heat loss assessment, it’s also designed in accordance to EN12831 and MCS standards. Additionally, you’ll receive a detailed systems specification and cost breakdown, so you’ll know you have all the information you need to make a smart choice.

And with our Homely smart thermostat as standard, you’ll be able to maximise the financial savings from heating your home with a heat pump system in the long term.

Not sure if a heat pump is right for your home?

With just a few questions, one of our technical experts we can conduct a quick assessment over the phone to find out:

  • If a heat pump system will be compatible with your home
  • Indicative installation costs
  • Carbon savings
  • Running cost comparison
  • Government funding eligibility

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