Want to switch to a heat pump but need to minimise the upfront costs?

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) is here, and we can help get you onboard.

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Switching to a heat pump is the smart thing to do. It’s smart for the planet and can be smart for your pocket.

We know that a barrier to choosing a heat pump can be the upfront costs. The government’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme is there to help, and we are installing under this scheme from April 1st.


It’s good to have us on your side

You’ve already taken a vital first step by starting to find out more about the funding available. Why is that important? Because the current scheme will only cover 90,000 homes. Sounds a lot but the heat pump market is growing rapidly and the funding will quickly dry up.

Time is of the essence and we don’t want you to miss out. We can quickly and accurately assess whether you are eligible for BUS, and then we can work with you to maximise your chances of being successful in your funding application.

Evergreen Energy is the smart choice for heat pumps. Here’s why -

Highly trained professionals

Proven industry experience

Compliant MCS standards

Boiler Upgrade Scheme funding

Free household assessment

Bespoke installation

Our people have been designing and installing heat pump systems for years. We’ve seen the market mature and grow, and have evolved our services to match the needs of the growing number of homeowners keen to make a smart choice when it comes to their heating.

We’ve a long and proud track record of helping our customers access the available funding, in all it’s different guises. We are also MCS accredited so complete peace of mind comes as standard.

Let’s get started

Firstly, we’ll get you to complete our online Home Survey. This helps us capture some key details and also means we can provide you with some indicative costings. We’ll also be able to confirm your BUS eligibility. Just enter your postcode to get started.