Thinking of switching to a heat pump but not sure where to begin?

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Your Heat Pump Assessment Report

We don’t look at it as just another installation project. We think of it as an individual’s home. We don’t have a standard solution, we design everything to match the specifications of the property.

How do we do that? We go right back to the start and undertake a full, in-person assessment on site. Our assessors are highly experienced, and highly trained. They’ll take the time required to properly understand your home and your needs.

Once that’s done we take everything we’ve learnt, analyse it, make recommendations, assess funding eligibility and give you a clear and transparent cost schedule. Of course, everything is done in accordance to EN12831 and MCS standards.


What’s in your Heat Pump Assessment Report?

  • A full cost breakdown of your recommended heat pump system
  • Any recommended heating system upgrades
  • A clear summary of government funding eligibility
  • Everything you need to make an informed choice!

Evergreen Energy is the smart choice for heat pumps. Here’s why -

Highly trained professionals

Proven industry experience

Compliant MCS standards

Boiler Upgrade Scheme funding

Free household assessment

Bespoke installation

Switching to a heat pump is a smart thing to do. It’s smart for the planet and can be smart for your pocket. Evergreen Energy are the smart choice for home heating and we’re here to make sure you get the right heating system for your circumstances.

Our people have been designing and installing heat pump systems for years. We’ve seen the market mature and grow, and have evolved our services to match the needs of the growing number of homeowners keen to make a smart choice when it comes to their heating. We are also MCS accredited so complete peace of mind comes as standard.

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Firstly, we’ll get you to complete our online Home Survey. This helps us capture some key details and also means we can provide you with some indicative costings. Just enter your postcode to get started.