We work with a select number of renewable energy technologies and performance enhancing components – devices we know that will bring the most benefit to you and your home.

1. Heat pumps

Heat pumps are an advanced renewable energy technology that use naturally-occurring energy to provide both space heating and hot water. For each unit of electricity they use, they can provide 3 or even 4 units of heat.

Eligible for RHI incentive

2. Solar panels

Solar panels are a fantastic addition to your renewable energy system. Using nothing but energy from the sun, they can produce a large amount of your heat pump’s electricity needs. Any excess will be used to power your home’s electrical devices.

3. Solar thermal panels

Similarly, solar thermal panels use solar energy to provide free hot water for your home. Including this advanced technology in your renewable energy system will further reduce the running costs of your heat pump.

Eligible for RHI incentive


4. Underfloor heating systems

This emitter system brings better thermal comfort to your home than radiators and also reduces running costs of the renewable energy system. If you’ve always wanted underfloor heating in your home but never had a good enough reason to, now’s the time.

5. Energy-efficient radiators

As an alternative to underfloor heating, we can design and specify highly efficient radiators (i.e. triple convector or fan-assisted radiators) that will complement your renewable energy system perfectly.

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