A battery storage system brings new possibilities to your household and renewable energy system. By storing your solar electricity for later use, you can run your home and electrical appliances for free for longer.

Why install a battery storage system?

Solar PV systems usually generate the most around midday, at a time when the demand for electricity is low (e.g. when homeowners are at work, don’t need the lights or heating turned on). For this reason, the vast majority of UK homes only use a fraction of the solar electricity their solar arrays produce.

With a home battery storage system, solar electricity needn’t be used immediately. You can use your solar electricity outside of the generation window. You can save it for evening times – when electricity prices are highest – or use it overnight. Providing your solar array and battery is large enough, you could theoretically have a constant supply of free electricity.

In short, a home battery storage system ensures you’re making the most of your solar panels.

Battery storage sizes

Solar batteries come in all shapes and sizes, as does their capacity range (anywhere from 1kWh to 16kWh). The battery storage system that’s right for you will depend on how much electricity your solar panels will make, and the size and number of residents in your home.

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