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Water is a precious commodity that we need to use wisely. Improving your water efficiency means managing the amount of water used in your home to reduce wastage. From hippo bags to rainwater tanks, discover our range of technologies to help you reduce your water use and bills.

Hippo Water Saver Bag - 7.5 or 9ltr


A simple water saving device to conserve water in toilet cisterns.

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Mini Rainsaver 100 litre Water Butt Kit


Perfect water collection option for small gardens.

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Rainsaver 200 litre Water Butt kit


A practical and efficient rainwater harvester.

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Flushing Facts


Down the drain

Every time a toilet is flushed, around 9 litres of water disappears down the drain. If each member in a family of four uses the household toilet three times a day that’s 108 litres of water!


What a waste

Over 70% of a household’s water use happens in the bathroom with toilet flushing account for 30% of this*. That’s a lot of wasted water!

Water saving solutions for your home

Water-saving toilets are a great option as they reduce the amount of water per flush. However, there is a simpler and cheaper option that will save up to 3 litres on every flush. The Hippo Water Saver bag is an easy to install device that sits in the cistern of your toilet. For just £2.50, you could instantly start saving water and reducing the cost of your water bill.

How does it work?

The Hippo bag can be installed in minutes and doesn’t require any tools or expertise. Simply remove the lid from your toilet cistern and submerge the open Hippo bag in the water under the ball cock.

The bag is designed with small holes in the side to allow for free water flow, meaning the water empties and refills and remains fresh.

How much will I save?

Hippo bags are inexpensive to purchase and pay for themselves in 8 to 12 weeks*. In an average metred home, you can expect to save approximately £25 per year on your water bills.*

Hippo Water Savers are cheap to buy, easy to install and will save you money all year round. You’ll also be doing your part to help save this precious natural resource.

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