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Rechargeable Batteries

Save money and the planet! Our range comes pre-charged with up to 1,500 recharges, auto power cut off for charging at maximum efficiency and an extremely low discharge rate - meaning each battery will stay almost fully charged just sat in a drawer for 1 year, and 70% charged over 5 years.  

GP Recyko+ AA rechargeable batteries 4 pack (2600, 1300, 1000 mAh)


Pack of 4 GP Recyko+ AA rechargeable batteries in 1000, 1300, 2600 mAh options

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GP Recyko+ Pro 8AA 4AAA Value Pack with Free Charger


Great value starter rechargeable battery pack.

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GP Recyko+ AAA rechargeable batteries 4 pack (950, 650, 400 mAh)


Pack of 4 GP Recyko+ AAA rechargeable batteries in 950, 650, 400mAh options

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GP Recyko+ Pro 4AA Batteries with Free Charger


4AA rechargeable batteries with free USB charger.

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GP Recyko+ 2AA 2AAA Batteries with Free Charger


Great value starter rechargeable battery pack with USB charger.

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GP Recyko+ Pro 800 AAA Rechargeable Batteries Card of 4


Pack of 4 GP Recyko+ Pro 800 AAA rechargeable batteries.

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GP Recyko+ Pro 4AA Batteries


4AA rechargeable batteries

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Make the switch to rechargeable batteries

Each year in the UK, we throw away 600 million batteries – that’s 20,000 tonnes added to landfill*. It takes more energy to make a battery than it delivers in its lifetime – so that’s a lot of wasted energy!

Look around your house and count the number of remote controls, toothbrushes, toys and clocks that use batteries – you may be surprised how many you’re using.

Rechargeable batteries work just like your old primary batteries, with a positive and negative electrode and a separator – the key difference is that the chemicals inside are ‘reversible’, meaning the battery can be recharged again and again.

Why should I switch to rechargeable batteries?

Replacing single use batteries with rechargeable batteries is a big step towards reducing landfill and it also has the added benefit of saving you money.

Instead of buying and replacing single use batteries, you can simply recharge and reuse. Benefits include;

  • Save money (see case study below)
  • Protect the planet – all of our rechargeable batteries are Ni-MH (nickel-metal hydride), thus better charging and discharging whilst also not releasing toxic cadmium into waste like older batteries
  • Use over 1,000 times
  • Arrive pre-charged and ready to use – Pro Range only
  • Extremely low discharge rate (stay almost fully charged for 1 year, 70% after 5 years of just sitting in a drawer!)

Save money

Rechargeable batteries offer a long lifespan and can be recharged over 1,000 times. That’s at least 999 single use batteries that you don’t need to buy!

Protect the planet

Heavy metals and corrosive materials are used in the production of batteries. If less batteries are made then less carbon emissions are released.** Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) rechargeable batteries are the most ecological batteries available as they do not release cadmium (a highly toxic substance found in normal and older rechargeable batteries) into household waste.***

How much can I save?

Take a look at this case study:****

Start up costs

A household has 32 batteries in use at one time. With single use batteries, they have to change 10 single per month. That’s 120 batteries a year.

120 single use AA batteries = £62
36 rechargeable AA batteries (4 spare batteries) + charger = £113

The battery charger uses 0.02kW-hours per AA battery to charge. So 120 batteries will use 2.4kW-hours per year. If electricity costs 12.2p per kW-hour that means the charging cost will be around £0.30.

This means the start up costs for rechargeable batteries is £113.30 compared to £62 for single use batteries.

But wait – let’s skip forward to the second year.

Year 2 costs

The single use batteries cost £62 again, while the rechargeables only cost 30p!

Total costs after 2 years:

Single use = £124
Rechargeable = £113.60

After just two years, the rechargeable batteries have become a great investment. You will continue saving every year for the life of the battery.

What batteries should I buy?

Batteries of all shapes and sizes are available in rechargeable versions – at Evergreen Energy we stock the popular AA and AAA battery sizes. These are perfect for most household applications.

To get you started, try the GP Recyko starter kit that comes with AA and AAA batteries plus a free battery charger.

Smart battery tips!

  1. Store your rechargeable batteries separately to any single-use batteries you have in your home. This will help you avoid mistaking them from old expired single use batteries and accidentally throwing them away!
  2. Rechargeable batteries are especially good for high drain devices such as digital cameras and camcorders. They are less effective in low drain / trickle charge devices, and if used in smoke detectors should be checked regularly because they do lose a very small amount of charge even if not used each day.

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** One Green Planet
*** Battery Facts
**** The Simple Dollar