Our Installation Service

We are proud to offer a full installation service alongside the products we promote. This way we can guarantee that you not only have access to the best in energy efficient technologies, but can also be comforted knowing that they will be installed correctly and hassle-free in your home.

Why not also quiz our installers about all the other ways you could save money and be more energy efficient? They are happy to offer completely independent help and advice.

High quality service

How do we guarantee the quality of our installers’ advice and installation work? Each of our approved installers goes through a strict certification process including training on domestic energy assessments and specific technologies.

All of our installers are reviewed by our customers so you can read first hand reviews of the quality of their work.

How do I contact an installer?

Call us on 0800 612 4342 to find out more about connecting with an approved installer.

We will soon be updating our website to provide easy online access to all of these services, meaning you will be able to:

  • Find the right installer for you (search by distance and by the product type you are looking for)
  • Post a review after installation to make sure any positive or negative feedback is shared with our customers and actioned on
  • View installer profiles to read the feedback they have received and learn more about the person coming to your home
  • Book one of our installers even if you didn’t buy the product with Evergreen Energy.