Renewable energy projects and energy saving technologies are profitable and can substantially reduce your electricity costs and corporate carbon emissions whilst providing long-term energy security. Advances in technology together with changes to legislation, renewable subsidies and the rising cost of energy make renewable energy a compelling proposition for any forward thinking company.

At Evergreen Energy, we understand the importance of achieving corporate carbon emissions targets but it can be difficult for many companies. We can provide you with the support and knowledge you need to benefit from renewable energy technologies, supporting the reduction of your carbon emissions whilst lowering your energy bills.

Onshore Wind

Evergreen Energy has an impressive portfolio of wind projects within the UK. Wind technology has proven to be a great investment opportunity for many businesses, reducing your electricity costs and carbon emissions whilst providing long term energy security for your company. Our team bring vast knowledge and experience in the identification, design and development, construction and operational stages of onshore wind.

We only develop onshore wind projects that are sensitive and mindful of the local communities and businesses they help to power. Our projects ensure the investment capital works over the long term life of the asset. We provide flexible options enabling companies to benefit from wind energy, through onsite generation, the potential for local supply and community co-development.

Onshore wind projects provide an excellent means of energy supply diversification with minimal impact on other land uses.

You can view our portfolio here.

Solar PV

Solar energy has been predicted to produce 25% of the world’s electricity by 2025 and businesses can benefit through reduced energy bills, less reliance on the national grid, and reduced carbon emissions.

We work with businesses to identify and develop sites for solar photovoltaics (PV) installation, delivering a cost effective way to reduce carbon emissions with the added benefit of potentially limited impact on other land uses.

Evergreen Energy brings vast experience and knowledge in solar PV projects to work with you through every step of the process including site identification and feasibility, through to installation. We help your company invest in solar PV with minimal impact on the functioning of your business.

View our Solar PV case studies here.

Energy Storage Systems

Energy storage allows you to store surplus energy from your onsite energy generation system such as solar PV or wind system. Batteries allow you to store and use your generated energy, instead of exporting it back to the grid, minimising your electricity bill and potentially gaining independence from the grid network. You can monitor your energy generation and use and avoid purchasing expensive electricity from the grid.

Batteries can vary in shape, size, and weight depending on its capacity. Evergreen Energy can advise businesses on the feasibility and the most appropriate energy storage systems. We will also consider alternative forms of energy storage systems, thermal storage and phased change materials.

Solar Thermal

Solar thermal hot water and heating systems use energy from the sun to heat water. A conventional boiler or immersion heater is then used to lift the water temperature, or to provide hot water when solar energy is unavailable.

Solar thermal hot water systems are an energy efficient alternative to conventional systems and can save you money while dramatically reducing your impact on the environment.

At Evergreen Energy we will help you select the best hot water system to suit your needs. This is based on range of factors including the area of south facing roof, your existing water heating system and your budget.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps work in a similar way to refrigeration systems, absorbing energy from the ground or outside air to heat radiators, underfloor heating systems, or warm air convectors and provide hot water in the home.

Air source heat pumps can efficiently extract useful heat from air at temperatures as low as -20°C. Ground source heat pumps use lengths of pipe buried in the ground filled with a mixture of water and antifreeze. This is pumped around the pipe absorbing heat from the ground. Water heat pumps use heat from nearby water reservoirs.

We can help you to choose the most appropriate system depending on its location and proximity to land banks and water reservoirs.


Biomass (also known as ‘bioenergy’ or ‘biofuels’) is produced from organic materials, either directly from plants or indirectly from industrial, commercial, domestic or agricultural products. The CO₂ released when energy is generated from biomass is balanced by that absorbed during the fuel’s production – making this a potentially carbon neutral process.

Woodburning boilers can be up to 80% efficient and are normally used for base load heating. Biomass boilers can provide heat outputs for direct water heat requirements and/or taking up a base load heat requirement. They can also be used for front end firing and co-firing of thermal convection systems such as biomass fired CHP.

We can provide technical advice on options such as fuel switching, introducing new systems, and consideration of other fuel sources such as waste.

Thermal and Energy Modelling

The use of thermal and energy modelling can help you understand where energy is lost and gained across a building’s footprint. Energy losses through walls, glazing, roof and floor can be modelled alongside the energy gained from occupancy levels and the use of electrical equipment in the building.

Detailed assessments around heating and cooling can be analysed, producing an understanding of the overall energy balance in your building. This will help you decide what technologies can be used to make your building more energy efficient.

Evergreen Energy can provide you with assistance with this type of thermal and energy modelling and offer suggestions on technologies to make your building more efficient.

Energy Monitoring and Targeting

By monitoring and targeting your energy consumption you will have a better understanding of how much energy you are using and what changes you can make to make your business more energy efficient. By making small changes towards energy efficiency, you will notice the change in energy usage and soon notice reductions in your energy bills.

An energy monitor is a device used to give a real-time measurement of where and how you use energy. Energy monitors are not a replacement for your existing energy meter, but they act as a visual reminder of how much energy you are using and what appliances are having the biggest impact on your energy bill. Clamp-on monitors can also be used on specific devices to see their own specific energy consumption.

We can help with the identification of an energy metering strategy and the use of an energy monitoring and targeting system.

LED Lighting

Our expert team specialises in helping businesses realise the benefits of LED technology – switching to LED products can save up to 90% on your energy consumption.

LED lamps produce light of equivalent brightness and superior quality when compared to traditional metal halide, incandescent, halogen and fluorescent bulbs.

Evergreen Energy only sources the highest quality branded products that harness cutting-edge innovation, look good, perform better and last longer than all previous lighting. Switching to LED lighting will also reduce your maintenance costs with some LED bulbs providing up to 7 years guarantee.

Take a look at our LED lighting projects here.

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