At Evergreen Energy we are passionate about helping businesses to discover the financial, social and environmental benefits of renewable energy technologies, maximising the triple bottom line.

Advances in renewable technology, continuing changes in government legislation and the rising cost of energy make energy efficiency measures and renewable energy generation a compelling proposition for any business.

Our experienced team will work alongside you to undertake an initial energy assessment and create a bespoke energy strategy before project planning and completing installation as required. We offer ongoing professional support and guidance to ensure the project is completed to the highest standard whilst minimising any potential disruption during the project.

Developing Relationships

We believe in empowering people to make important changes towards being energy aware and implementing sustainable processes. Evergreen Energy will work with your company to develop valuable and proactive changes, resulting in economic, social and environmental benefits to your company, employees and stakeholders.

We will help you reconsider your business capabilities, identifying and developing your hidden assets to create a sustainable direction for your business.

We will help you to easily implement sustainable changes into the practical aspects of your company, ensuring all employees and stakeholders understand and share the same goals. The changes will become employee and stakeholder led and be a natural ongoing part of your business procedures.

Energy Monitoring and Generation

We can provide energy monitoring technology as well as sustainable energy solutions to reduce your energy use, save you money and increase your green credentials. Monitoring makes energy usage visible and enables you to set targets for reduction.

Evergreen Energy has a growing portfolio of high quality renewable energy projects at different stages within the development cycle. We build long-term partnerships with landowners and corporate clients, building and operating renewable energy centres and sites over the entire project lifetime.

Wind energy projects are a great investment opportunity, delivering a substantial additional source of income and providing an excellent means of energy supply diversification with minimal impact on other land uses.

Energy Audits

In order for businesses and organisations to continue to run efficiently it is still increasingly important to lower energy costs, and an energy audit could lead to significant reductions in your energy bills.

By implementing recommended conservation measures, your business will become more energy efficient, reduce costs and reduce its overall impact on the environment in which it operates.

At Evergreen Energy, we can help make this process simple by providing you with the support and advice you need to identify and implement the necessary changes, resulting in significant energy savings for your business, whilst enhancing your sustainability credentials.

Sustainability Advice

A sustainability strategy is a statement declaring a company’s stance on managing the environmental and social impacts of their operations, including a commitment to reducing the company’s carbon footprint, enhancing waste management processes, and improving the efficiencies of the use of finite natural resources. Every strategy is different and should be tailored to reflect your business and set out the activities and priorities most relevant to you, your employees and your stakeholders.

Implementing a sustainability strategy will have a positive impact on your business through improving cost control, increasing the efficiency of your processes, and heightening your employees’ and stakeholders’ knowledge about their responsibilities both individually and as part of the overall business team. A sustainability strategy will help rewire your business activities and enable you to set strategic business outcomes.

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