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Investing in socially responsible, renewable and energy saving technologies can reduce your ongoing energy costs, boost your green credentials, and future proof your business.

Evergreen Energy is an ethical developer and supporter of renewable energy projects delivering energy saving solutions for all businesses. As energy prices continue to grow, we seek new sustainable technologies that not only reduce your costs, they also allow your business to make a positive difference to our environment.

Our team comprises experienced professionals who provide support, from feasibility reviews to project management and completion, and help you to develop a sustainable energy strategy specific to your business needs. We can help you meet your objectives, whether that is to become carbon negative, improve your energy efficiency and to reduce your overall energy costs.

The technologies we live and breathe include:

  • onshore wind
  • ground and roof mounted solar photovoltaics (PV)
  • energy storage systems
  • renewable heating and cooling
  • thermal and energy modelling
  • LED lighting.

We provide innovative products, system development support and project management to get your strategy off the ground.

Benefits for your business

  • Guard your business against rising energy costs.
  • Improve your environmental credentials to meet government regulations.
  • Select the most profitable solutions for renewable generation and energy use.
  • Find cost effective solutions and financial support.
  • Future proof your business against looming energy supply shortfalls.
To find out more about working with Evergreen Energy, contact us at [email protected]

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