LED Lighting Case Studies

Dunsters Farm


Dunsters Farm Ltd


Energy Audit, LED lighting, Lighting Assessment, Lighting Installation

The Project

Dunsters Farm is a family run business specialising in the supply and delivery of chilled and ambient foods.

The company believes that it has a responsibility to the environment and its shareholders to be energy efficient and reduce its carbon output wherever possible. As a result, Evergreen Energy conducted a complete energy audit of its premises and motor vehicles and helped Dunsters Farm develop a progressive and sustainable energy policy for the foreseeable future.

Evergreen Energy carried out an extensive investigation, taking into account ceiling insulation, LED, heat recovery, cooling efficiency, solar PV, van refrigeration, employee knowledge of sustainability as well as reviewing the energy bills over a twelve month period.

Upon conclusion of the inspection, Evergreen Energy recommended that Dunsters Farm replace its existing lighting, consisting of outdated fluorescent and highbay lighting, with low energy and long life LED lighting.

Outcomes and Benefits

Upon conclusion of a full LED assessment, a final recommendation was put forward. It consisted of a detailed floor plan and lighting design, product costs, estimated energy savings and a return on investment. The findings were accepted, installation work commenced and was completed in December 2015.

The project had a proposed payback period of approximately 2 years and is anticipated to significantly reduce their annual electricity bills.

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