Clever kit for cosy homes

We have partnered with Homely Energy to make your home even cosier, greener and cheaper to heat!

Homely is a smart thermostat which, when added to a heat pump, can optimise the efficiency of the heating system. The thermostat takes advantage of low energy prices to reduce running costs while also using excess renewable energy generation on the grid. Heat pumps are already a highly efficient renewable technology but combined with a Homely thermostat they are an even greener and more cost-effective solution.

Utilising clever sensors on a heat pump and in the rooms in your home the system learns how long it takes to heat up and cool down your property. It then combines this with weather forecasts and your temperature preferences to create the best heating schedule for you. The Homely thermostat comes complete with a free app which gives you control of your heating and cost saving optimisation of your heat pump. Customers on Octopus’ Agile dynamically priced tariff can also save up to 30% compared to a fixed rate tariff.

We are on a mission to help the UK reach Net Zero by making low carbon heating the affordable choice for a cosy home. Our funding calculator, can give you a quick and easy heat pump quote, complete with funding options for FREE! Installations are carried out by our network of quality approved local installers and are monitored remotely as part of a proactive maintenance service.

‘Together Evergreen Energy and Homely Energy are able to provide a really innovative offering, setting our customers up to be able to benefit from smart heat tariffs that energy suppliers are starting to offer – helping them heat their homes for less while also balancing the power network’.

Helen Boothman, Managing Director

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